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Why use BART™ solutions?

TELAMON aide les industriels dans leur besoin de piloter une information produit de qualité pour répondre aux exigences des clients et du web en gardant la maîtrise de leurs données.

Les services BART automatisent l’agrégation, la traduction et la diffusion de contenus.

Simple, concret, en prise avec le terrain, avec BART vous centralisez toute votre information produit, data et media, sans perdre de temps, quelles que soient leurs sources (SI, tableurs, filiales, fournisseurs…) et les contenus (codifications, langues, unités, listes de valeurs…).

Diffusez ensuite votre information produit sur le support de votre choix : site web, print, force de vente, matrices de distributeurs, formats normés, plateformes d’échanges…

A l’écoute des besoins et signaux du terrain, BART propose une gamme de services qui peut s’adapter à toute organisation pour palier un manque de ressources temporaire ou un turn-over au sein des équipes.


Avec BART, recentrez-vous sur vos priorités métier.

Bénéficiez d’un accompagnement personnalisé et ciblé selon vos besoins et vos objectifs, libérez-vous des tâches fastidieuses et gagnez ainsi un temps précieux pour vos actions commerciales à forte valeur ajoutée !

Vous souhaitez aller plus vite et plus loin ? Contactez-nos spécialistes pour en parler.

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{Good evolution of BART™ since the beginning, lots of time saved once formats are done and defined. 50 references in any matrix used to take me about 3 hours; with BART™ it takes me 5-10 min. In terms of visuals it's even better: with 50 references it took ½ day before and now, with BART™, it's in 2 min the time it loads. But it has to be well enriched and well fed at the base. (...) I explained again today to other teams: it's really a time saver. I've put out visuals again and they come out very quickly and it's great.{
Claude G.
Assistante GSB & B2B Colles & Adhésifs
{I asked a year ago how much data was in BART™ because people aren't necessarily aware of the phenomenal amount of information it can generate. There has been an awareness in our company over the last six months about the importance of centralizing Data. Things have accelerated at our company and I think BART™ has been one of the levers of that. (...) BART™ complements our ERP tool, which is more business-oriented, and its various functions allow us to develop our communications to our customers in a more reliable and responsive way.{
Cathy D.
Key Account Assistant
{There was a transfer of workload between distribution and manufacturers (...) and a solution had to be found to save time on these time-consuming tasks and the BART™ project meets that objective. (...) Tomorrow BART™ will aim to make Key Accounts even more autonomous, and given that this is the current trend, it's going in the right direction.{
Caroline B.
Director of DIY Adhesive Technologies
{In the initial project, everything we expected was implemented. The software is well done, fun, the time saving is huge: for me it was a real benefit. (...) BART™ was a real step forward. (...) BART™ Support is responsive and reliable: as soon as we have requests the responsiveness is there.{
Magalie G.
Sales Manager
EDA Plastiques
{BART™ is very easy once the training is done, which is done in a very professional and friendly manner. All BART™ users find it both simple to enter information inside as well as to go looking for it. (...) If they have any questions at all, users call your very good and efficient Support and they have answers immediately. (...) As soon as I talk to a counterpart, I tell them 'call BART™ they have great solutions'.{
Jérôme L.
Sales Manager
{Very intuitive solution, easy to use; training much appreciated. We still lack feedback to give a relevant testimony on the operation{
Tristan C.
Marketing Director
{I found the training course to be consistent with everything that is said, but I think we still have some work to do on our end on the product database update part.{
Alexandre P.
Sales Manager GSB
{BART™ is intuitive, easy to use. Responsive support, and with training, you just have to listen well and it goes by itself.{
Cecilia F.
Web Project Manager
{To better satisfy our customers, we want to improve self-service and halve the rate of breakage even further. We wish to rely on IAXX™ to reach these new objectives{
Thomas I. - General Manager

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