A Distributor Matrice has just come.

Here are some BART tips that might help.

Meet the deadline. Satisfying your Distributor -client... it's best not to leave it to the last minute, even if your schedule is already very full. And you know why.

Respecter les délais. Satisfaire son client Distributeur… mieux vaut éviter de s’y prendre au dernier moment, même si votre planning est déjà très chargé. Et vous savez bien pourquoi.

Most of the fields are known

You know this matrice: there are always a few new features, even if more than 90% of the fields to be filled in are already known. These known fields won't be a problem: BART will recognize them from time to time, and fill them in automatically.

But beware: the remaining few percent are potential (small) traps. So you might as well take a look right away to avoid discovering the bad surprises at the last (worst) moment. Here again, BART helps you spot them as soon as possible.

But sometimes, your are not sure to understand some of them

Your customer knows your products, but doesn't use exactly the same terms as you. The risk of misunderstanding is never far away. And then should you agree to put your highly innovative disrupter on the list of circuit breakers? Calling the product manager can save you a lot of hassle.

When you are sure you understand each other, you can then finalize the pairing, and match the customer's requests field by field with your product information fields (IP).

The PI exists, but not in the right form

The distributor asks for the product dimension, in the form "Height x Width x Depth". You do have this PI, but in the form of three separate fields.

You must then concatenate your three fields to fill in the requested column. This is very easy to do in BART and will be saved for the next time.

The requested field can be obtained by a calculation

For example, your Distributor customer asks for three logistics fields: number of CUs per pallet, number of CUs per layer, number of layers per pallet.

You have the first two pieces of information requested; and the third can be deduced by a simple calculation. You then have the choice:

  • Do this calculation manually, line by line (tedious, risk of error);
  •  Let BART do it. The option Calculated fields allows you to define the rule for this field.
    The rule will be saved and available for the next time; the new field too. The field becomes an IP item in its own right, for the current client, but also in the BART catalog for any other client or internal use.

You and your customer express themselves differently

Variant: You and your distributor customer are talking about the same field, but in different terms. For example, your sales unit is "1" when the customer uses the term "piece".

Or the origin of the product: "France" instead of "FR" for the distributor.

These situations are becoming more and more common.

You can adjust these values directly in the matrice, always line by line, or let BART do it for you!

When the information is missing, you have to create it

Innovation, the need to differentiate, the weight of regulations... the number of PI fields is constantly growing and this trend is sustainable. The distributor is asking for specific information that is not in your catalog. You have to get this information.

This situation is more problematic: who has this information? How do you get it to you? It will take time, as the countdown is on. So it is better to anticipate!

It is this situation that leads us to advise loading and analyzing the distributor matrix as soon as possible. The risk of not satisfying the distributor customer is then maximal. There is no need to describe all the necessary operations here or to remind you of the very limited time frame.

To satisfy, you and your clients

Loading the matrice into an adapted solution, as soon as it is received, makes it easy to isolate the columns for which additional IP is required. Good organization, anticipation, contribute unquestionably to the respect of the deadlines and to the satisfaction of your customer Distributor.

BART offers proven business solutions. Fill in distributor matrices in a few clicks, format product data according to the client's instructions: unit conversion, concatenation, calculated fields, semantic translation, etc.

Global actor, audit, consulting, service providers including training, business support, TELAMON can help you, punctually or not.