Why use BART™ services ?

BART™, your omnichannel digital catalog

BART™ helps manufacturers and wholesalers maintain a single internal database that brings together all the Product Information present in the company.

The product features are multiplying, always more advanced and different from one family to another. You can add a field, modify a content at any time including multimedia, very simply, without limit, in automatic or not.

BART™ is also designed to store all this information with no time limit (ten-year warranty), for seamless traceability. Everything is logged, to save time, but also to track updates and shipments, or "replay" them as needed.

Agile and frugal

BART™ services are available on a subscription, Saas basis (French, hosted by Telamon).
The customer benefits from a durable system adapted to his environment, reliable, robust, confidential and secure.

It is the result of 15 years of R&D on distributor-supplier interfacing (Bus_Data™ technology)
and 5 years of intensive R&D on Product Information (PI) and BART™..

As of 2018, BArt is available in English (original version) and French.

À ce jour une centaine de fabricants et grossistes ont fait confiance à BART™.


BART knows how to decode the demands of brands, integrate Product Information available internally, convert and translate according to the instructions of the distributors, and the mail back without manual intervention, quickly and without error.

BART has an up-to-date dictionary of known matrices that allows any distributor matrix to be loaded. Any new matrix (or model) can be integrated very quickly, independently or in conjunction with BART Support.

To date, the 182 distributors different were filled in with BART™.

Services métiers BART™

Additional benefits

The web requires more and more data to highlight and describe your products (search filters, uses, projects...) and media (video, photos of the product, back of packaging, in situation...) without counting the regulatory data.

The demands of distributors and the level of quality of product information are increasing, as is the operating burden on manufacturers to meet these demands, often with limited resources.

The BART business team is there to alleviate these difficulties in order to help you build your digital catalog with complete, quality and up-to-date Product Information: a major issue of commercial performance.

This team, dedicated, in charge of operating our software solutions on behalf of our customers is well placed to carry out punctual services defined together according to your situation.

To absorb this temporary overload, you can delegate us to perform the actions in BART.

Of course, you retain the validation and control of the distribution.

Listening to users

The BART™ team and Support listen carefully to the field and users to take into account their business needs.

In order to reach the cruising speed quickly and surely, a Start-up Support Plan adapted to the various user profiles is planned.

Support operates without a ticket for the duration of the subscription.

BART™ is from the perspective of exchanges between suppliers and their customers:

- Each client imposes its own benchmark, which is of course very different
of yours ;

- The evolutions of these imposed reference systems are frequent
(impact of the web rating, search for the differentiating offer ...).

BART™ automates all unit conversions, translations and formatting of your data in the distributor's repository according to his instructions. The matrices are filled in automatically, respecting the protections, macros, formulas and value lists.

Translation and