Why use BART ?

BArt helps manufacturers and wholesalers to maintain a unique internal database that collects all product information within the company.

Product characteristics are ever evolving, more precise and different from one product family to another. You can add a field, edit content at any time including multimedia, very easily and without limit, automatically or not.

BArt is also designed to stock all this information without a time limit (10-year warranty), for flawless traceability. Everything is stored, in order to save time, but also to easily facilitate tracking of updates and respond to data requests.

BArt, your
omni channel
digital catalog

Agile and frugal

BArt services are available by subscription, in Saas mode (Located in France, hosted by Telamon). The customer benefits from a sustainable system adapted to their environment, reliable, robust, confidential and secure.

This is the result of 15 years of R&D on distributor-supplier interfacing (Bus-Data™ technology) and 5 years of intensive R&D on Product Information (PI) and BArt.

Since 2018, BArt has been available in English (original version) and French.

To date, around 100 manufacturers and wholesalers use BArt on a daily basis.


BArt knows how to decode the major retailers’ requests, integrate the internal Product Information available, convert and translate according to a distributor’s instructions, and return the results quickly and error free without manual intervention.

Indeed, BArt has an up-to-date dictionary of known matrices that can load every distributors matrix. Any new matrix (or model) can be integrated very quickly, independently or with the help of the BArt Support Team.

To date, the matrices of 182 different distributors have been integrated into BArt.

Translation and automatic broadcast

BArt positions itself from the point of view of exchanges between suppliers and their customers:

  • Each customer imposes their distinct frame of reference;
  • The evolution of these imposed frames of reference is frequent (implications of web rating, search for differentiating offers...).

BArt automates all unit conversions, translations and formatting of your data related to a given distributor's frame of reference. The matrices are completed automatically while respecting any rules related to constrained cells, macros, formulas and Lists of Values.

to our users

BArt team and support are dedicated to providing the best possible service tailored to each customers’ business needs.

To help transition to BArt quickly, there is a ‘plan of action’ adapted to each users' profile.

Ticketless support is provided for the subscription duration.

BArt Business Services

Additional benefits

The web requires more and more notions to highlight and describe your products (research filters, uses, projects...) and media (video, product photos, packaging, within a usage environment ...) not to mention regulatory data. 

The requirements of distributors and the level of quality Product Information ever increases as does the operational load on the manufacturers' side to respond to demands with, often, limited resources. 

The BArt business team is there to overcome these difficulties and help you build your digital catalogue with complete, quality and up to date Product Information: A major commercial performance issue. 

This dedicated team, responsible for the operation of our software solutions on behalf of our Customers, is well placed to perform services according to your needs. 

To absorb any temporary overload, you can delegate certain tasks to our business team. 

Of course, you retain validation and control over the circulation.